How to start a Bible group

How to Start a Bible Group

by Angie Gordon of Gathered & Sown

Hello ladies!! I’m Angie from Gathered and Sown,  and I create fun accessories for bible journalers. Besides running my business and before I’m even a wife or Mom, I’m a child of God. And journaling has been the best way for me to connect on a personal level with the One who created me.  Journaling has helped me cope through some of the best as well as some of the most difficult times in my life, and has given me a tangible and physical reminder of all of the ways God is actively working in my life.


I have been so richly blessed with deep and meaningful relationships. It seems like God always knows what I need, and who I need. And with His wonderful timing, He always seems to bring people into my life at just the right moment and I want to show you how to start one! But first, a little story.


Story Time


13 years ago, I was a young Mom to two little girls. My husband worked two jobs and was rarely home. My friends didn’t have little kids, so I often felt very much alone. It was during this time that I really began to recognize as an adult how important my faith was, and that a relationship with Jesus is more than just a ticket to heaven. As I battled the diaper trenches depressed and alone, I realized that God meets us there and gives us the tools we need to find our way out of the hole and into His loving arms. And often He doesn’t expect us to do it all alone!


When my girls were little, in a crazy story that only God could pull together, I found myself in a bible study group with two other women. Let me tell you how I found my group. I don’t mind if you giggle at my awkward story…here it goes…


A woman who I had only met once agreed to co-host a neighborhood ladies Christmas gathering with me. Things were all set to go, and I was excited to celebrate such a special holiday with my neighbors.  Until the night of the party came…and brought with it a blizzard! Schools closed early, the news told everyone to stay home, everything was cancelled. But through faith, I did not cancel my party. I sat there awkwardly in the living room with the woman who came to help me. We made small talk, looking out of my picture window at my neighbors houses, wondering if anyone would walk over. And no one did. Not ONE PERSON.




I was so embarrassed that this woman drove over to my house in a blizzard to sit with me and wait for no one to bother coming. I felt like such a loser. But she looked at me and said “Let’s get together next week, I’ll bring a friend. Let’s start a bible study!”


I had been wanting to dig deeper into the Word, so I said “Sure!”  Every Monday morning for 10 years, I met with “My Bible Ladies”, and I loved every minute of it!  We were an eclectic group, ages ranging from early 20’s up to late 70’s. Over the 10 years that we met, a core group of 3 of us remained as many women came and went. It was so fun to watch how God used that group to fill the gaps through the various seasons of each of the lives of the women who passed through our group.


Each week we come together,  study the Word and be a source of support for each other. We’d pray for each other, we’d sometimes cry with each other. Through those precious years of life, we found Godly support and accountability in a way that only God can provide!


God knew what He was doing when he formed that little group. He saw each and every one of our needs, He knew all of the ways that each of us was broken. And He knew that by simply getting us to agree to step out of our comfort zones and show up to something that may feel awkward at first, that He was opening doors to change our hearts, deepen our faith and tie our lives together in a way that only He can.


Because He says in Matthew 18:20:

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”


If we gather with people intent on hearing from God, He promises us that He is right there with us. How amazing is that!??!?! And when God shows up, you know amazing things are bound to happen ❤️

How to Start a Bible Group

Maybe you are like me, and you are in a season where you long to grow in your faith. Or you have relationship holes that you yearn to have filled. So how do you go about building your own group? Here are 4 steps that you can take towards forming your own little bible group.


  1. Pray about it. Share your heart with God and don’t be afraid to become vulnerable with Him. Seeking God’s will through prayer is the most important step! Align your heart with how He is moving you, and recognize where He might be closing doors and asking you to step away from things. Ask Him to lead you towards the relationships that you need in your life.
  2. Pick a time and a place where you’d like to meet. It’s easier to invite people when you know where and when you are inviting them….wink!!
  3. Think through what you’d like your bible groups focus to be. Maybe you want a simple bible study where you can learn about God’s Word with a group of women who have different perspectives. Maybe you want to get together one evening a month with all of your craft supplies and do some scripture lettering or creative bible journaling with your friends. Or maybe you are just craving an hour a week of prayer and support. No matter what you want your focus to be, think through what you would like your meetings to look like so you can consider supplies, space, materials and time needed.
  4. Put yourself out there a little. If you are reading this thinking that you’ve already tried all of the other 3 steps, but still haven’t found bold. Invite a group of people to your house for the bible group you’d like to start. Don’t worry if it feels forward or clumsy. Because it might, and that’s totally ok!


Bottom line is this: We are not meant to live our lives and walk our spiritual path alone. God created people to walk alongside us. If you are looking for your own little group, step out in faith, pray and see who God leads you to. You’ll be so glad you did!


Love, Angie


“We are rushed, we are pulled in a million directions. We barely have time to sit down for a meal, much less find a quiet moment in our day to dedicate to whats really important. That’s why I started Gathered & Sown: To create beautiful things that can make you and your messy Mom bun feel beautiful in the ordinary.”

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