How to Host a Bible Journaling Workshop in 5 Steps!

Wondering how to host a Bible journaling workshop or class? Guest blogger Hillary Krippaehne from Creative Faith & Co shares how to do it in just 5 steps!

How to Host a Bible Journaling Workshop in 5 Steps!

By Hillary Krippaehne from

Hi ladies, Hillary here! I am the owner and founder at Creative Faith & Co. I started this business because I had a desire to teach other women about Bible and prayer journaling. Bible and prayer journaling completely transformed my own life and walk with the Lord, and I want nothing more than to share this amazing way of studying the Bible and spending time with God with everyone I know.

The best way I’ve found is to do this is through hosting Bible journaling workshops. I’ve gotten the opportunity to teach over 12 workshops in the past few years; teaching workshops are my favorite thing! So, I’d love to share some of my best tips on how to host one yourself.

The 5 Steps of how to Host a Bible Journaling Workshop

1. Find a theme

Think about what would you like to teach about? Pray and think about a passage or theme from the Bible that you want to share with a group. You can also use other company’s Bible journaling kits. I sell Bible journaling kits that are perfect for workshops (click here to view them). By the Well 4 God, Illustrated Faith, and other companies also sell kits that you can use.

I create and use Bible journaling kits with little notebooks during my workshops because some ladies don’t have a journaling Bible. If you knew that everyone in your group has a journaling Bible, then you could forgo the kit and just pick a passage from the Bible. Think about questions that you can ask that connect with the theme to get people to think deeper about the topic.


2. Find a technique

I often teach how to use certain techniques during my workshops. Techniques are really helpful for ladies who don’t necessarily feel artsy or are unsure where to start with Bible journaling. You could teach about different ways to use specific journaling supplies like watercolors, washi tape, stamps, recycled materials, etc.

Or you could pray and ask God to put a new idea on your heart to share with others about how to use Bible journaling materials and supplies.


3. Find a place and people

Visualize where you could see yourself hosting your event: Do you want to teach in your own home? Would your church want to host an event? Would you want to reach out to other churches to see if they want to host an event? Do your friends want you to teach them about Bible journaling?

Sometimes the place will appear before the people. Or sometimes a group of people will ask you to do a workshop and the people will appear before you find a place for them.


4. Prepare

I highly suggest writing out a schedule for your event. I’ve found the best time frame for me is two hours. I normally teach for the first hour and then the ladies have the second hour to use the supplies I have brought and create a page.

To start a workshop, I introduce myself and share my testimony and how I started Bible journaling and how it changed my life. Then, we read the Bible passage or devotion I wrote and groups talk about the theme and topic in a discussion time with their tables.

After that, I teach a technique and then there is work time. I end the class with having everyone share a page they created and one thing they learned that God taught them during the class.

Make sure that you prayerfully prepare for your event. Write out what you plan to do in order and how long you estimate each piece of the workshop will take. Be sure to be super organized <—TOP TIP!


5. Execute

I always get to the location of the event super early to set up. I have invested in all the supplies needed for a group of up to around 30 ladies: watercolors, scissors, stamps, ink, pens, colored pencils, etc.

You can also ask everyone to bring the materials needed like their own scissors and pens and glue. I set everything up on the tables wherever I am doing the workshop. Then, pray and give it to God! He has been with you through it all and He will use your words to inspire and encourage others.

I hope these tips are encouraging and helpful so that you can start teaching and hosting your own Bible journaling workshops. Feel free to reach out and ask for help if you have any more questions. I cannot wait to see all that God is going to do in and through your workshop!

With love,


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Hillary Krippaehne is the owner and founder at Creative Faith & Co. She creates Bible journaling kits in English and in Spanish! She absolutely loves Bible journaling and shares, “Bible journaling has become so impactful for me. I have a better understanding of what I am reading and I can express my feelings in a creative way.” To see more from Hillary, you can visit her at


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