Bible Journaling on-the-go!

Have you been wondering how to take Bible journaling on the go? Take a few pointers from Chlesea Wojcik from Bible Journaling with Kids!

Bible Journaling on-the-go!

Guest Author, Chelsea Wojcik of Bible Journaling with Kids


When I made my 2018 New Year’s resolution I had NO IDEA what 2018 had up its sleeve for me. But, isn’t that true for everyone? No one can foresee the future. But that’s beside the point. Late January, I found out we were moving nearly 900 miles away. Like all other moving moms before me, I tackled boxes, organized toys, purged clothes, but then it became time to pack my Bible Journaling bag. (Cue scary music…Duh Duh Duuuuh)


You see, Bible Journaling is not just something I do. It’s something I do with my kids. It brings us closer to the Lord and unifies us. It gives a sense of normal, it’s our routine. It binds us and grounds us. How was I to pack a whole room’s worth of items into a small tote bag!?


My strategy – I went through my supplies and packed items that required additional materials to be useful.  Things like watercolor, acrylic, stamps, and stickers. I wanted to simplify and be basic. I knew I wouldn’t lug a giant bag with me, so I knew I needed to keep everything to a minimum. I also packed in waves so that the shock of not having all my things would be gradual.


But just like always, the clock kept ticking…


And then our family of 5 left our home… to travel and live… in a camper… for almost 5 months. I never anticipated just how much Bible journaling would keep our lives in check. The days we Bible journaled felt so normal. The kids honestly could care less about what supplies we had. They were delighted to use what was in front of them. They never once asked for a supply we had in our fancy craft room. They never once complained about wanting more. They took delight in the practice of Bible Journaling together. (I learned a lot from them.)  




So what supplies did I pack for Bible Journaling on-the-go: 


  1. Bibles! Duh! I wasn’t sure how long the season would last so I decided to go with a resource my kids were accustomed to using. No new “training” required.
  2. Paint sticks! They make fancy ones for scrap booking and cheap ones for writing on posters… you can guess which ones I had 😉. But these things saved space and were a lot less messy than other painting options. Plus, my kids were already experts at using them.  
  3. Magazine clippings and scrap paper! Prior to moving we took every magazine in the house and flipped through it. If the magazine had a neat pattern, a cool image, a fun picture, we tore the page out and added it to our gallon bag. This bag became our stickers and scrap paper for backgrounds and such.
  4. Glue, and a set of markers/colored pencils.


No seriously, that was it… Well, for most of the time at least.

Truthfully though, mama missed acrylic so I went out and bought a small pack for myself. And one day I got a mini pack of washi tape to surprise the kids.

But that’s it. We could fit everything in a small tote bag! And it worked, for 5 months!

Not only did it work, we thrived! It taught me that less is more. I realized that I don’t need an organized craft room with pretty shelves and matching galvanized metal cans of supplies to spend quality time in the Word of God. Life is sometimes messy and God meets us exactly where we are, arms wide open. He met us so many times in the camper, on random park benches, at friends’ tables, hotels, etc. He is everywhere.

So if you are taking a trip and wondering if you can do it… if you are simplifying your life and scared to purge… if you want to try to Bible Journal more with your kids… let me pray for you now:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your presence in our lives. Your Word says we cannot escape Your love. And for that we, are grateful. Jesus, I pray for anyone reading this now, equip them to step out in faith in whatever season they are facing. Show them that you indeed are everywhere! Amen!


So last but not least, a few tips for Bible Journaling on-the-go:

  1. Keep everything easily accessible. If you tuck things away chances are you won’t use them.
  2. If you truly have a favorite supply, do yourself a favor, just bring it. Acrylic is my jam and I was silly to think I could go months and months without it. 
  3. Personalize your items! This of course is optional but my kids enjoyed decorating their bags.



One cool way to keep supplies accessible but still tidy (and separated so siblings don’t argue) is to use a cookie sheet or plastic lid. It made for quick stacking and easy clean ups.




Creatively yours,

Chelsea Wojcik


P.S. – Remember, it’s a HEart process, not an art process!




Chelsea Wojcik resides in FL and is mama bear to three cubs. Bible Journaling with Kids is Chelsea’s second published book and she is already working on her third.

If you would like to order her book or find out more about her ministry check out:

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